Catnaps clothing - 100% cotton made with love in Australia


Kirty Qld - If like us you are sick to death of wearing chinese clothing, and actually give a about the number of miles our products have to travel, then you will be as thrilled as we were to discover "Catnaps".
This is a small concern out of Victoria that puts out a terrific range of children's, and a limited but growing range of adult pyjamas in some really groovy colours!!
We have just done and received our second order and by now it is safe for us to say that there is very little to fault about this stuff. The fabric is durable and colourful, and from our experience with the first lot, reasonably colourfast. Very comfortable to wear ... and our 3 littlies look a million bucks as they prance about the house at night in their Aussie made night clobber.

Having had a tast of catnaps, we will NEVER wear foreign again



Hi Jo,
Thanks so much for your help organising some summer pj’s for my daughter.  Having purchased winter pj’s and a winter nightie for my 6 year old daughter and a pair of adult pj’s for myself, I can honestly say that I will be buying your products for many years to come.  Not only are they made from Australian fabric, they are such great quality and literally wash up like new.  They have not lost their shape and are as comfortable on the first wear as they are every time after that and they are so beautiful to wear, we can be in them all day and not want to take them off!  Cheers, Prue