About Us


About Us

Without a doubt the most common feedback we get about the pj's we make are that they last and last... And also the kids love them... And they are really comfy... And wash so well!

Our philosophy is "Let Them Be Kids". We produce fun, age appropriate pj's - we are not big fans of graffiti prints and licensed characters!

Catnaps was established in 1996 and has been operating at the Red Hill craft market and other markets in Victoria for over 15 years.

Why Australian?

Catnaps is 100% Australian owned and our cotton knit jersey pj's are made of 100% Australian woven and dyed cotton. We want to support Australian manufacturers and related industries. When you buy any Catnaps garment your dollar is being spread over a number of industries incl; Aussie fabric suppliers, Aussie pattern makers, Aussie manufacturers, Aussie Mum, Aussie Printers, Aussie label makers... Most importantly, the money stays in Australia.

Next time you go shopping, why don't you see how many Australian-made items you can find? The average price of imported pj's (I've seen anyway) is around $40 (from the $15 Big W/Target type pj's to the name brand ones at around $60). Just compare the prices! Because we sell direct to you, we are able to sell our pj's at $30-$40.

Greenie Cat

We try to be green. Catnaps is about affordable quality without harming the environment. When you buy a quality product you consume less and that has to be good for the environment, and don't forget miles travelled! 

A little bit about me

My name is Jo and I have 3 kids; Alex, Petra and Marcus and a fantastic husband Steve. I bought my first pair of Catnaps pjs at the Flemington Craft Market Melbourne in 2001 and I loved the pj's that much I joined the business! I thought that the lasting quality and the fun designs were too good an opportunity to miss... and many of you must think so too, judging by the great feedback I get.

What next?

Ladies nighties!  I'm working on the pattern so if you have any suggestions on length, sleeves etc etc please email or call.

More girls nighties.  
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